02 June 2015

Literature Review in Chapter 4

The purpose of the Chapter 4: Results and Discussion is to give readers specific guide about what was accomplish in the study and the scientific significance. Thus, this part must address to that items.

One of the most common mistakes that authors makes is to add General Literature Review (LR) before analysis or discussion in Chapter 4 (see example fig below).

Pls take note: The subjects in the LR should have been introduced/finished in Chapter 2 (not in Chapter 4). We used LR/references in Chapter 4 only to compare, support, underline, discuss etc... for our findings.

Dengan kata mudah, readers buka Chapter 4 sebab nak tahu your results dan discussion. Readers dah tak mahu serabut lagi dengan LR di sini smile emoticon

Pls remove your LR in Chapter 4

All the best for your thesis :)

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