18 November 2011

Export EndNote File from Word File

Note: I’m using EndNote X4 for Mac.

Sometimes we forgot which EndNote file we used. Or we are using ONLY a single file for everything, for papers, for thesis etc. 

But when someone else wants to edit. We will not give a big file containing 1000 unrelated references to your friends or your supervisor.

Example this Word file which is already linked to EndNote software (but from our big single file).

So how to extract only related references to a single file (.enl file)?

 1. Go to > Tool > EndNote X4 > Expert Travelling Library.

 2. New window will pop up. Select “A New EndNote Library”. Then click “OK”.

3. Another new window will pop up, “Untitled Library”

4. Type your file name here, i.e. “Paper 1”. Select the folder where you want to save. Then “Save”.

5. To check, go to the folder to see your “Paper 1.enl” file. Click on it, then you DONE.

Good Luck!!

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