05 December 2014

Results & Discussion 2 | Writing Paragraphs That Flow and Connected

Salam jumaat, sambung sikit lagi berkenaan menulis Results & Discussion.

Menulis untuk menyambung sentences/paragraphs/figures/idea yg ‘ada flow’ bukannya mudah bagi students baru (mahupun students lama… hehehe). Untuk mencapai “Writing Paragraphs That Flow and Connected” boleh dicapai jika rajin follow papers some respected professors.

Apa benda tu ‘flow’? 
Contoh sentences dan paragraphs mudah (copy-paste dari Uncle Google):

1. Link the subjects of juxtaposed sentences.
“To heat the sample, tungsten-halogen lamps are used below and above the fused silica tube. These lamps contain a tungsten filament and bromide gas inside a quartz bulb. By resistive heating alone, the lamps can attain temperatures of 300 °C to 400 °C.”

2. Link the end of one sentence to the beginning of the next sentence.
“The film is not completely oriented in a single direction, and the system includes a number of entanglements. These entanglements become frozen into position as the film crystallizes.”

Macam-mana nak connect Figures/results/paragraphs/idea?
Contoh pict (attached)… author connect Figure 1 dengan Figure 2 pada paragraph ke-2 dan pada sentence terakhir (lihat arrow). Lihat juga… connecting dibuat selepas siap discussion. 

Note: authors ni memang sudah hebat sbb tu dia takperlu cite refs :)

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